Sinkholes In Pasco County Florida
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Does Pasco County Have A Sinkhole Problem?

Pasco County is located in West Central Florida. But does the county have a sinkhole problem?

High numbers of sinkholes is due to Pasco's geology. Large areas of Pasco County have a relatively thin cover of sand and clay over limestone bedrock. These soils overlying the limestone bedrock are highly susceptible to erosion and subsidence as rainwater passes through them and into the underlying aquifer. This natural process aids in the recharge of the Floridian aquifer system and is the primary mechanism for sinkhole formation in Pasco county.

The most common type of sinkhole is the slow moving subsidence sinkhole, very common in Pasco County.

If not treated, your sinkhole home will eventually be worthless.

According to The Southwest Florida Water Management District, Sinkholes are a common naturally occurring geologic phenomenon and one of the predominant land forms in Florida.

This site is dedicated to helping property owners or future property owners aware of sinkholes in Pasco County Florida.

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